3 Things I Tell My Friends who are Getting Divorced

1. Don’t make a rash decision about separation stipulations. “I don’t want your money” and, “I don’t care about anything we own, I just want out!”  These are both valid feelings, but stipulations need to be as logical as possible. I don’t want you to regret walking into a lifestyle that you can’t maintain, and more emptiness than you have earned and established.

2. You haven’t just been cut in half. You are still a whole person with a whole life ahead of you. Times were bad and it ended bad, but you earned some happy memories during those years. Don’t divorce your happy memories. Happy memories keep us alive.  You can separate the good memories from the bad . You can and you should.

3.  If your marriage was not only a covenant between the two of you, but a covenant between you and your spouse and God, then realize who you were faithful to. Being faithful to a man is fantastic, being faithful to God is awesome. Don’t give up on your part of the deal between you and God. He will continue to guide and be faithful to you through this hard time. Remember the promises. They still count.

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