(31years old-101 years young) Mormon Singles Dance Scene Survival Tips for Ladies

It’s hard not to be negative. Being newly single combined with a bunch of strangers on the dance floor can be intimidating. Here are some tips I came up with to support my newly single friends figuring out how to make the best of an evening out at the church sponsored singles dances.

Buy enough hand sanitizer to take a bath in after.

If you get that feeling like you gotta run away the second you get there–commit to saying a silent prayer for each person in the room before you go.

Try not to be too critical. Thoughts like, ‘this guy has nicer ears than the last guy I danced with’ will help. (Thanks for that one Selena M.)

Keep smiling.

Cowboys are cute. Cowboys have horses. Horses make you sneeze. Eyes swell shut when cowboys ride horses to the dance.

Don’t joke about going for a smoke break instead of accepting a second dance. (Unless that’s your only option).

Wear a skirt. It’s way more fun to be spun around when you’re dressed all pretty.

Keep smiling.

Squint your eyes when it get’s to that part in “when you love a woman” when Brian Adams sings about seeing unborn children in your eyes, cause that guy was totally trying to find some.

Keep your hand on his shoulder placed strategically with your thumb prepared to claw into his shoulder bone if he gets too close.

Keep smiling.

When dancing with that guy with bad breath, keep smiling and try to breath through your ears, cause its a great story about his farm you don’t want to miss. Remember bad breath can be fixed, it’s not a deal breaker.

Grab a handsome wall flower and offer to give the kitchen crew a break. He may not be able to dance, but boy can he fill water pitchers.

Keep smiling.

Hey Mr. DJ: playing ‘I had the time of my life’ at the beginning of a dance is lame- especially if no one is smiling yet. And it’s against the law to play the Mac-arena twice, even if people keep requesting it.

Check for wedding rings, that guy checking you out might be one of the chaperones.

Dance with anyone once.

Know how to say no politely. Take a way older gentleman on a walk over to an older lady. Introduce them and walk away.

Keep smiling.

Don’t accept offers to make out in the Janitors closet, but do send him there. Grab some friends and have a good conversation with them right outside of the door. When a good song comes on, reach in and grab him out for a dance. It’s funny.

Remind all your single friends that they need to get married before they are 30.

Remind all your friends to set you up on dates so you wont have to go to these dances that often.

Your feet really do naturally step into the waltz, if you just let go, and stop worrying about it.

Keep smiling.

70 year olds may have proposed to you, but they also may forget you in a month- so don’t worry about that guy anymore, bless his heart.

Give thanks for the fun friends who showed up eventually. It’s not so bad, is it?

Keep smiling.

And last but not least: Remember to (since you’re smiling anyways)  sit down and visit a while with the sweet people who have lost their true love, lost a part of themselves while serving this country, or who have loved and lost and are willing to love again. You will feel hope grow in your heart–and that is a survival skill that can help you anywhere and anytime.


6 thoughts on “(31years old-101 years young) Mormon Singles Dance Scene Survival Tips for Ladies

  1. You are a better woman than me. I get asked all the time what I would do if I lost my husband (being in the military and all). I would raise my kids and be a grandma forever after. I don’t ever want to enter the dating world again. You are so brave. lol

    1. Yes Cassie, Yet you would have sweet dreams and memories of being loved by a faithful, good and brave man. I’m glad to have your support and kind words here to remind us all of what is possible and real. Love!

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