10 Things I learned about love from the Dread Pirate Roberts

The movie, The Princess Bride, starts off with such a heart-melting romantic scene. The passionate music, the quaint farm by the sea, sweet Buttercup with her lonely eyes and long flowing hair. Young, yet hard working Westley chops wood while staring longingly at her. His sweet servitude and willingness to just work all day slaving for a pretty girl, even one who seems somewhat ignorant to his love, is quite charming.  The scene’s tenderness as thick and sweet as honey. She becomes aware of his love and they kiss as the sun sets. Then the story starts to get good. 

Enter The Dread Pirate Roberts, who kidnaps Westley (who’s off seeking to earn a living at sea). A pirate who takes no survivors.

Forlorn Buttercup, who vows never to love again has been summoned to wed Prince Humperdinck. She’s now desperate to escape her sad loveless future (at least through her daily ride through the woods) and is at once kidnapped. Once she learns someone is following she jumps into the water hoping to escape. But who is this potential rescuer? Who is this mysterious “Man in Black”?  What has he learned about love? Do you have what it takes to pursue true love?

1. It’s okay to pursue love, even in the middle of the night in eel infested waters. How do you justify the pursuit of your hearts desire? Are you a wait until a perfect day without clouds kind of romance-seeker? Or, do you find yourself thinking about and seeking to catch up to the one who your heart lives for no matter the weather. Love, to those who treasure it, brings the stars above a little closer and the warmth of the sun a little nearer. Somehow you gain while the wind you’re using is the same wind that they are using.

. . . but what about the cliffs ahead?  Click here for #2. Be willing to cling. . .


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