A Year of Love

Love is Spring
Rupturing blossoms explode like the passion in my heart at the very thought of you. Barefoot I let go, resting my head on your chest as we ride the tilt of the world towards sunshine and warmth. The spring green deepens and blossoms blow in the soft wind like your glances my way. I try to catch them all.

Love is Summer
Heat wraps around every bit of me as I melt in your strong arms under an ever-blue sky. Thunderstorms echo like fears, fading-farther, rolling-distant. Lightening, an alert that you were thinking about me. Thrilling and scary, I can’t look away.

Love is Autumn
The passion of summer sinks back deep into the earth. Leaves fall gently like your patience with my lingering excitements. Empty branches reach out like they didn’t notice anything changed, still willing to lift fruit closer to ripen in the sun. A gentle crunch under-foot and I look for your path heading closer to mine.

Love is Winter
Snow falls like frozen tears when I’m cold and I don’t know why I miss you. A fireplace ignites the heat between us. Rekindling the memory of the tree that sheltered our first kiss. Waiting passionately, patiently under our corner of the soft white blanket that covers the world and reflects the perfect brightness of a seasoned love.

Leah J. Davis, May 10th, 2014

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