Treasure to be Treasured

Winds of the bay blow as hard as you like, you’ll not soon rob me of my curls

Reality may have won this round of dreams

But I beg of you warm sun-don’t let go of my skin just yet

Sand stay hidden in my shoe to remind me tomorrow too

Fish delight stay inside me so my hand may rest contently above you

Tartar sauce linger longer on my curious tongue

Waves continue your whisper in my ear


Deep blue majesty- buoy me again in my dreams tonight

Lighthouse ignite my way

I’ll sit in your rocking chair and weed your garden

Desert Pines I would provide a drop on each needle

Sand steps I would sweep you

Headstones on the mountain, I would honor you

Sails I would blow you

Little crab I would watch you

Whales I would wait for you


Walk next to me often, in those dreamy moments

Respond gently to my yearning heart

Though unsure and scattered by my wandering thoughts

Remind me of happy dreams I let go of upon your shores

Shores full of others who will find them again

Throw them up in the air with their kites

Laughing with joy soft like hopes

Yet muffled by gentle waves whispering farewell to me

Let them fill buckets and pockets with washed clean shells of dreams

Bring them to treasured hands once more


Let my teardrops remain hidden in your waves

As I walk back to my dry cool grassy places

No longer pretending your salty fateful magic

Somehow emerges from my longing heart and wets my cheeks

As I look up into blue cloudless skies alone once more

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