Somewhere Between Sunset and Moonrise

Here I lay limbs outstretched floating

Somewhere between sunset and moonrise

Protected by pine trees and quiet homes 

Watching thick fireflies dance above

Clearing little flies from my view

My cheeks gently kissed by familiar cool water

Darkness rolls over amber orange and pink bands

As reflected light sinks to sleep around me

Wondering remembering listening

Voices echo from deep inside

My deepest memories light the sky

Laughter of days celebrating the sun

Holding hands and running downhill

Boldly parking towels near cute boys

Breaking fishing records

Jumping off rocks

Swings, paddle boats, shuffleboard, tennis

A black phone hangs on a wall above

Whose long cord reaches far over

Benches scraped by hockey skate blades

Connecting calls to gather

Climb the hill to sit still watching

A city covered in deep green treetops

Follow sticks and leaves journeying

Chases boredom down cheerful waterfalls

It’s dark now, and time to say good-bye

Tip toe across the scratchy sand

Hoping clover will dust my feet clean

I’ll cross a stone bridge in the waterfall

Thoughtful steps on slick rocks

Water rushes past my ankles

Mrs. Lawrence sitting near, watching over

With a friendly familiar hello

Assuring we’re always remembered

And those good days are never gone

Just waiting for us to dip toes

Then bravely launch again into deep cool places

Where we will always be playing together. 

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